Headline Sponsors are CityFibre and Milton Keynes Council


We are delighted to announce our Headline Sponsors for the STEM Festival - CityFibre and Milton Keynes Council.

Other sponsors are:

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Milton Keynes Council


Video of 2021 MK Innovates Festival

Fourth Annual MK Innovates Festival 2021

This festival continues to grow year on year as it becomes a firm event in the calendars schools and the public. Serving the interests of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, (STEM) the exhibitors pulled out all the stops for an action-packed event over the 2 days 8-9th October. Our thanks go to the management company of Middleton Hall for generously donating the hall for our use..

Close to 800 students from primary and secondary schools in the region visited the festival and the engagement form the students was exceptional. For the first time the event was visited by home-schoolers who also thoroughly enjoyed the event.

The goal of the event was the show students the types of careers that can be open to them from organisations in their own home region, showcasing the skills and qualifications they might need as well as the variety of apprenticeships on offer. The exhibitors were also appealing to adults who might be considering a change of career and many of the visitors expressed excitement at the opportunities offered.

For the first time this year we had a stage where exhibitors and interested parties could deliver a 10 minutes talk on their specialism and this was well received.

This event will continue to grow and serve our community. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter to get the news first. Next year will be slightly different as we cannot have Middleton Hall due to repairs taking place. The venue and date will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.



Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign

During the week of the 8-12th March 2021 MKInnovates ran a Social Media Campaign to highlight exciting STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Maths) initiatives and ideas.

This campaign was executed by the individual organisations who took part.  You can view the content here



Look out for the following hashtags:




MKInnovates Festival 2019

Please download the flyer and distribute to anyone interested in either participating as a presenter or a delegate. For additional information please contact us here



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Who is attending, what you will learn, see and experience. You could have an exciting career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths.

See a selection of exciting projects and displays that will take place this year. More will be added over the next few weeks

Please download a flyer that gives basic information about the event. For more information please contact us here

Get hands on and learn about the opportunities these STEM subjects can take you in your chosen/future career

Here are the plans by individual organisations for the event

NiftyLift - Engineers of the Future

Machine demo – We will have a HR17 available. We will demonstrate how the machine works and explain it’s capabilities i.e. Hybrid engine. Machine demo – We will have a HR17 available. We will demonstrate how the machine works and explain it’s capabilities i.e. Hybrid engine. 
VR Headset – Take a journey through our factory as well scaling the heights of the HR28 – 92ft in the air!
Engineering challenge – Do you have what it takes to build a part of a Niftylift? This involves using the same tools we use in our factory.
Build a boom, rotating cage and a telescopic boom – Take home these replicas of our Nifty booms.
Hydraulic arms – Can you win a keyring by using the hydraulic arms? Or is the pressure too much?
Touchscreen displays – See a HR28 Engine up close and learn about 3D modelling.
Apprenticeship and Careers information stand – Learn about the career opportunities at Niftylift.


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